About Us

Fisherman’s Market International Inc., is a vertically integrated seafood company with over 70 years experience in the seafood industry.

What are we? 

  • Fish Monger- servicing retail and foodservice customers throughout the Atlantic Area.
  • Quota/License Holders:  Groundfish/Halibut/Sword/Lobsters/Crab/Scallops etc
  • Primary Fish Processor:  we cut fresh fish daily on site.
  • Smokehouse:  We smoke fish on site under our Seabright and Fisherman’s Finest brand.
  • Integrated Lobsters Program: from the “shore to table”
  • International Distributor:  We distribute worldwide, no customer is too big or too small.

Why are we Qualified?

  • CFIA Registered: Federally certified plant..
  • SQF Third Party Audited
  • MSC  Chain of Custody

We pride ourselves in being a local company.  It’s important for our employees, customers and suppliers to know that we are all in this together.

  • We employ 175 people within our communities.
  • We buy seafood from one end of Atlantic Canada to the other.
  • We directly support hundreds of fishermen, their crew, their supports staff for operations through procurement and marketing of products.
  • We ensure to always offer our customer base the ‘local first’ option.