Sustainable Sourced Products:

To reiterate, we have been doing this for 70+ years, we understand that we need to be responsible and to work with sustainable fisheries.

We are one of the first federally regulated seafood plants with our MSC Chain of Custody, promoting every MSC item available from our rich waters.  We do not just distribute these items;  we were a key backbone to having the industries certified with MSC:  Haddock/Lobsters/Halibut/Sword/Scallops/Snow Crab.

Our core strength’s are Quality-Service-Variety-Value.

Quality: Our experience and attention to detail ensures that the quality of seafood that leaves our facility is the very best available regardless if it is Lobsters or Swordfish.

Service:   We have exceptional sales/service staff have the knowledge and understanding of products/services to get seafood from the sea to the end users plate.

Variety:    One of the most difficult questions we get everyday is “what do you have available?”    We carry 300+ frozen items,100 fresh items, smoked fish and Live Lobsters/Crab on a daily basis.

Value:   Quality/Service and Variety all equate to value for the end user.   Customers will be left satisfied with the end result of their product, whether it’s a fully meated Lobster from the pristine waters off Nova Scotia or Georges Bank’s beautiful Haddock Fillets