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About Us

Quality, Service, Variety & Value, Since 1948

Fisherman's Market International Inc. has grown from our humble start in a weathered building on the Halifax waterfront to a diverse seafood company that sells and processes millions of pounds of seafood annually. Today, we are a wholesaler, retailer and exporter of all things seafood,

We work with over 100 local suppliers and employ more than 150 skilled individuals, directly supporting hundreds of Maritime fishermen and their crews. We operate in six plants throughout Nova Scotia’s fishing communities and three buying stations located right at the wharf. Our processors fillet by hand, more than 12,000 pounds of fish every day. 

At Fisherman’s Market, our numbers add up to a single-minded commitment: to provide the freshest, most responsibly sourced seafood in Canada.

Fisherman holding a live lobster with yellow elastic bands on the claws

Sustainable & Safe

Here at Fisherman’s Market, we like to have fun at work, be it laughing with colleagues or sharing our best fish tales. However, we take things very seriously when it comes to the sustainability and safety of our products. That’s why Fisherman’s Market leads the way in providing authentic, responsibly sourced Atlantic seafood.

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Fisherman unloading tubbed lobster

The Best People in the Business

Our motto at Fisherman’s Market is “Quality, Service, Variety & Value”. It's reflected in the excellence of our products, but also applies to our hard-working team— on the boats, in the plants, or at the counter, because when you’ve been an industry leader for over 70 years, you really do need the best people at the helm.

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Peter H.

"If you want great, reasonably priced seafood, with knowledgeable staff, this is the place... It’s the next best thing to knowing a fisherman or living in a fishing community."

Sarah M.

"Great selection, everything looked super fresh and lots of unique items as well. I bought a cooked hard-shell lobster that had been steamed that day. Love the convenience of having it already cooked."

Holly B.

"I'm attending my brother’s wedding in Vancouver and my gift is scallops and lobster for the reception. I wanted large fresh Digby scallops, something that the west coasters can't get. Brandon and Rose were so helpful! They actually searched through their scallops and chose one piece at a time so all the scallops were large and uniform in size! They counted 100 for me, and advised me on how to pack them so they stay fresh—all with a smile—and this is first thing in the morning! What an incredible customer service experience. Thanks guys!!"

Denise G.

"Excellent prices! I paid half the price I would have paid elsewhere for a large quantity of shrimp."

Lindsay K.

"Fresh, frozen, smoked or salted, and live or frozen lobster... They really know what they’re doing here at Fisherman’s Market."

Micah S.

"Coming from Boston where fish markets are generally professional and knowledgeable, I was beyond blown away by Fisherman's Market. Everything was delicious."