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Responsible Seafood

From our boats to your plate: Fisherman’s Market is Atlantic Canada’s premier source for the bounty of the sea since 1948 - and because we’ve been in the fishing industry for over seven decades, we know exactly how important it is to be sustainable and safe.


Fisherman’s Market International Incorporated Bill S-211 Report 



Aerial view of a lobster storage facility on the Atlantic coast


Finding seafood with the best price and quality can be a challenge when keeping up with consumer demands—but more importantly, we want to find the most responsible sources, because sustainability is integral to our marine environment, communities, and the entire industry. This can be a particular challenge in the seafood industry, where we face the reality of illegal, unreported and unregulated harvest. Seafood fraud is also common, making it extremely important for companies and consumers to understand where their seafood comes from.

That is why we are certified through the MSC Chain of Custody Standard. This certification is administered by the Marine Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization made up of environmental experts, which sets the standard for sustainable fishing through a variety of programs. We make every effort to supply products that are sustainable and traceable, and do our best to source from MSC fisheries whenever we can.

Click here to learn more about the Marine Stewardship Council.

The Canadian lobster industry has one of the longest histories of regulation and Nova Scotia produces approximately 80% of all Canadian lobster sales! Fisherman’s Market is proud to call this beautiful, bountiful province home and we want to protect the pristine coastline as much as possible.

We are also a member of the Lobster Council of Canada, which keeps us in the loop on the national market and developing science. Additionally, we donate to the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society annually, which contributes to collaborative science between industry, researchers and the government.

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Workers processing seafood


Since 1948, Fisherman’s Market has led the way in providing authentic Atlantic seafood. We were one of the first federally regulated seafood plants in Canada, and we continue to go above and beyond globally recognized certification programs throughout our handling, preparation, and storage processes.

Fisherman’s Market is one of the few facilities in Atlantic Canada that carries the Global Food Safety Initiative certification and is certified by the Safe Quality Food Program—recognized as one of the highest quality standards in food safety.

SQF showcases certified sites’ commitment to a culture of food safety and operational excellence in food safety management. We regularly update the certification through food safety and quality audits.

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Click here to learn more about GFSI

While many companies have gone to automated processing, we continue to hand-process all of our products. Not only does this allow us to inspect every single piece of seafood by hand—which is not the case when done by machines—but it also makes for much better quality.

You can be confident in every Fisherman’s Market product you bring home.

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Our Brand & Partners

Our Fisherman’s Market brands and partners ensure the highest standards of freshness, sustainability, and best practices.

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Our History

See how we’ve grown from our early days on the Halifax waterfront to becoming one of the most diverse seafood companies in North America.

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